About Me

Constanza Villarreal was born in Santa Fe, Argentina on 1978.

After studying architecture at the Universidad Nacional del Litoral, she moved to Italy where she focus on her training as a visual artist in the classical atelier system at the Canova atelier in Roma, and the Florence Academy, both in Florence and Sweden. She currently  lives in Rome Italy.

My paintings and drawings on textiles are explorations on the vast theme of home, from architectural and domestic contexts, to the immemorial house of dreams. My interest in peoples dwellings and the bond they form with the notion of home its been influenced by my own life experiences, specially that of migrating and of motherhood.

She had been showing her work  internationally since 2005, and her work can be found in  private  and public collections, galleries and publications in Argentina, Spain, United States, and Italy,  such us:


Basilica of San Crisogono, Rome, Italy

Museum of Arts, Ruffinengo, Galvez SF, Argentina.

Centro Cultural Provincial, SF, Argentina.

Private Collections


AG arte, Santa Fe Argentina.

Lleid’ Art, Lleida Barcelona, Spain

Mirabilia arte e Cultura, Reggio Emilia, Italia


Lleid’Art, art magazine

Various News paper publications.

Selected Solo Exhibits,

2016-La Casa- Open Studio, Esthia arte contemporanea, Roma.

2014- Museo  of visual arts, Orlando Ruffinengo- Galvez – Santa Fe

2013- Galleria AG Arte, ” Un Mundo Sutil” , Santa Fe, Argentina

2011- Galleria AG Arte, “ Movements”, Santa Fe, Argentina.

2010- Galleria Sembler, Ambasciata degli Stati Uniti. Dipinti. Roma, Italia.

2008- Casa de Santa Fe. Disegni e disegni su fotografie di Fernanda Hubeaut. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2005- Galleria d’Arte Holz, Dipinti. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2005- Centro Cultural Provincial. Dipinti e disegni. Santa Fe, Argentina.

Group  and Juried shows

2016-“Open Mind”,Circle de Artist di Barcelona, Spagna.

2016- “Open Mind”, Foro del Arte e La architettura, Essen, Germania.

2016-“Mirabillia Pensa in Grande”, Galleria Mirabillia, Reggio Emilia.

2015- Shortlisted per il premio “Men and the city”, Galleria Independent artist, BG, Milano.

2015-Shortlisted per il Premio “Ars Mirabillis”, Galleria Arte Mirabillia,Reggio Emilia.

2014- Shortlisted per il Premio Bice Bugatti- Nuova Milanese

2014- Centro Cultural La Vaguada, Madrid, Spania.

2012- Shortlisted per la mostra  Grandi Maestri internazionali, Argentini e  contemporanei, Galleria AG Arte, Santa Fe, Argentina.

2007- Galleria d’Arte Holz, Disegni e dipinti. Buenos Aires. Argentina.

2007- Alliance française, Sala Fortabat, ” Rimbaud” . Drawings, ADA. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2006- Galleria d’Arte Holz, “Coleccionables”.  Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2006- Shortlisted per il Palermo Fest. Dipinti. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2006 – XX Salon Nacional, San Justo, Disegno. Santa Fe, Argentina, II Premio

2006- Shortlisted, Biennale of young Art. Universidad Nacional del Litoral. Santa Fe, Argentina.

2005-2006 – Galleria d’Arte Hopkyns Fine Arts. Disegni e dipinti. Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

2005- Galleria d’Arte Holz, Dipinti. Buenos Aires. Argentina.