Rituals of care

In this drawings i  am interested in exploring the interior aspects of domestic landscape using the home fabrics as a starting point. I have treated old, found and inherited home fabrics with a white mix.  The white mix erases some of the previous stains of use and tear and signs of time. This whitening acts as one more iteration of the do and undo, use and clean, write and erase sequence of gestures of love and care that take place on the process of homemaking and childrearing.  By withening  up this reclaimed linens, now turned into canvases, and drawing on them,   i intend to reverse the process: Wash and mark. Allowing the portraits of the domestic  landscape and the rituals they have taken part of to resurface.

As a daughter of mother and mother of daughters i have witnessed and embody this rituals, most often feminine and sheltered from the public eye. And i am interested bringing to light the poetic of  its images.

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